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Mission Statement

The City of Ellis efficiently promotes infrastructure and beautification programs, supporting community growth while preserving its intrinsic small town charm.


Vision Statement

A truly unique Kansas community, Ellis celebrates its rich heritage of friendly people that value family and strong work ethics while actively promoting quality education and public services.

City Council Agenda

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Council & City Officials

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City Officials


Code of Ordinances

Disclaimer: The official copy of the City of Ellis Code of Ordinances is on file at the Ellis City Clerk’s Office. Call 785.726.4812 regarding possible updates since adoption.


815 Jefferson, Ellis, KS


Clerk's Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Emergency: 911

Police Non Emergency: 785.726.4462 (0) | 785.726.4141 (C)

Public Works: 785.726.4741 (O) | 785.726.1741 (C)