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October 16, 2017



Mayor David McDaniel called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Present were Council members Bret Andries, Holly Aschenbrenner, Susan Eaton, Jolene Niernberger, Dena Patee, and Bob Redger.  Also present were Public Works Director Alan Scheuerman, City Clerk Amy Burton, Police Chief Taft Yates, Fire Chief Dustin Vine, and City Attorney Olavee Raub. 



Mayor David McDaniel asked for the discussion regarding the drainage issues at the Ellis Golf Club be postponed until the next meeting as representatives from the Club are unable to attend tonight.  City Clerk Amy Burton asked for the removal of consideration of the swathing bids as no bids were received.  Council member Dena Patee moved and Council member Bob Redger seconded a motion to approve the deletions to the agenda.  The motion carried 6-0.  


Tanna Vine, Myles Vine, Westin Vine, Nickole Byers, Glen Keller, Tim Stanton, Melissa Stanton, Brian Raub, Barbara Perkins, Chris Cline, Linda Pfeifer, Randy Honas, Nathan Andrews, and John Kolacny.


Council member Dena Patee moved to approve the consent agenda containing the Minutes from the Regular Meeting on October 2, 2017, Bills Ordinance #2031, and the September Manual Journal Entries.  Council member Jolene Niernberger seconded the motion. The Council approved the consent agenda 6-0.




Committee: Award

Mayor David McDaniel recognized members of the City’s Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals and presented Nathan Andrews, Randy Honas, Glen Keller, Jolene Niernberger, Linda Pfeifer, and Tim Stanton with a Citizen’s Award for their act of service.  Members David Molstad and Rod Taylor were unable to attend.

Personnel: Award

Mayor David McDaniel presented the annual Service Awards to employees who attained milestone anniversaries with the City.  Awards were presented to Fire Chief Dustin Vine (20 years), Fire Lieutenant Chris Cline (10 years), and City Clerk Amy Burton (5 years).


Fire: Report

Fire Chief Dustin Vine presented his monthly report for the Fire Department.  Chief Vine thanked Lieutenant Chris Cline for leading Fire Prevention Week at the grade schools.  The City’s fire hydrants are color coded to alert firefighters of the gallons per minute of water that hydrant will provide.  Chief Vine expressed concerns that the Department has found several fire hydrants that have either been miscoded or the coding is no longer accurate.  Chief Vine also expressed disappointment that the recent work on the City’s waterlines has not improved hydrant pressure.   


Museum: Contract

City Attorney Olavee Raub presented the revised lease agreements between the City and the Railroad Museum and Walter P. Chrysler Foundation.  Council discussed Exhibit A and would like to add clarifying language that the Public Works Department is able to perform repairs needed, if time and qualifications allow.  Council member Bob Redger moved to approve and authorize the Mayor to sign the revised lease agreements with the Railroad Museum and Walter P. Chrysler Foundation as amended by the addition of language stating “except if said work is performed by qualified City staff” to Exhibit A.  Council member Jolene Niernberger seconded the motion.  The motion carried 6-0.


General Government: Special Project

Council member Holly Aschenbrenner moved and Council member Dena Patee seconded a motion to authorize Mayor David McDaniel to sign the letter of support for ACCESS Public Transportation to assist the organization with their grant funding.  The motion carried 6-0.

General Government: Insurance

Public Works Director Alan Scheuerman discussed a letter received from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) notifying the City of a downgrade in the City’s rating classification for insurance.  The downgrade in classification will most likely increase insurance premiums for residents obtaining property insurance in the City.  Mr. Scheuerman believes if the City would adopt the 2015 International Building Codes the City’s rating would at least be upgraded to its previous classification.  Mr. Scheuerman has contacted ISO and the company has agreed to postpone the rating classification change in order to give the City more time to implement the newer building codes. 

Sewer: Acquisition

Mr. Scheuerman reported one of the pumps has gone down at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and needs replaced.  Council member Dena Patee moved and Council member Holly Aschenbrenner seconded a motion to approve the purchase of an ABS submersible pump for the Wastewater Treatment Plant from Environmental Process Systems, Inc. in the amount of $4,708.30 with funds to come from the Sewer Depreciation Reserve Fund.  The motion carried 6-0.

Council member Dena Patee moved to revise the approval of the purchase price of the ABS submersible pump to $5,037.00, plus freight.  Council member Holly Aschenbrenner seconded the motion.  The motion carried 6-0.

Sewer: Financial

City Clerk Amy Burton presented the second and final amendment to the loan agreement with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for the wastewater treatment plant improvements.  The amendment reduces the loan balance from the approved amount of $880,110.00 to the actual amount spent of $831,611.16.  Council member Holly Aschenbrenner moved and Council member Bob Redger seconded a motion to approve the Second Amendment to the Loan Agreement with KDHE and to authorize Mayor McDaniel to sign the loan documents.  The motion carried 6-0.  

Streets: Special Project

Police Chief Taft Yates presented a diagram of a proposed crosswalk and no parking areas on West 10th Street by the Old High School.  Chief Yates would also like to add flashing school zone lights at the west side of the bridge (for westbound travelers) and at Cottonwood Street (for eastbound travelers), reducing the speed limit to 20 mph in the area when flashing.  The flashing lights would be manually controlled by the school district as needed for traffic control, primarily during football and track seasons.  The “No Parking” areas would be 19 ˝’ long and 12’ wide on both sides of the proposed crosswalk and on both the north and south sides of the street.  Chief Yates suggested possible contributors to the project as Golden Belt Telephone Association, the Wiesner Foundation, Midwest Energy, USD 388, and the City.  City Attorney Olavee Raub stated that the Police Chief is responsible for safety issues, and in this case, would need to be in control of the lights, not the school district.  Council then discussed foregoing the temporary flashing lights and reducing the speed limit from Cottonwood Street to Washington Street to 20 mph permanently.  Council member Bob Redger moved to proceed with adding the crosswalk and appropriate signage and also the four “No Parking” areas on both sides and ends of the crosswalk.  Council member Holly Aschenbrenner seconded the motion.  Upon a call for discussion, Council discussed waiting to implement a change in the speed limit in order to get input from residents.  The motion carried 6-0.


Public Works

Public Works Director Alan Scheuerman reported that over thirty tons of materials were collected during the City-wide Cleanup.  This was an increase from last year by over eight tons.  Mr. Scheuerman praised his staff’s efforts in the project. 

Mr. Scheuerman reported that the Lakeside Campground has received an exemption from the Division of Water Resources to add fill material to the proposed campground expansion area south of the existing campground spaces.  The area is in the flood fringeway and is therefore subject to State flood control regulations.


Police Chief Taft Yates reminded everyone of the annual Trunk or Treat event on October 31st from 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the 9th Street parking lot. 

City Clerk

City Clerk Amy Burton presented the September Monthly Financial Statements consisting of the Statement of Accounts, monthly and 3rd Quarter Treasurer’s Reports, and the Security Deposit Worksheet.  The Health Insurance Savings Report for September was also reviewed. 

Ellis County Health Department will hold their annual flu clinic on October 24th from 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall.


Inspection: Violation

City Attorney Olavee Raub reported that a warrant has been issued for the property owner on South Fauteux Street for failing to appear in court on his code violation notices.  Ms. Raub stated the City should start considering condemnation and demolition procedures on the property.  Council member Dena Patee moved and Council member Bret Andries seconded a motion to direct Public Works Director Alan Scheuerman to obtain cost estimates on the demolition of the property in violation on Fauteux Street.  The motion carried 6-0.

Mayor Update and Announcements

Mayor David McDaniel reported the City had six representatives participate in the League of Kansas Municipalities Regional Supper held in Hays on October 4th.  


Council member Bret Andries moved and Council member Dena Patee seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting.  The motion carried 6-0.  The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.





City Clerk