Building & Inspection

The City of Ellis is regulated by International Building Codes (ICC 2003).  Permits are required for any structure placed within the city, everything from a fence to a full commercial or residence requires a permit.  Permits are required for the safety and welfare of the home owners in Ellis.  Building permits forms and inspections are scheduled through the Public Works Department.  Permit costs are based on the cost of construction for the project. 

A major portion of the City of Ellis is located within the floodplain (see flood information and maps) and special requirements are in place for building permits in these areas.

Contractors hired to do projects within the city limits are required to be licensed by the City of Ellis.  Contractor’s must show evidence that the Experior Block or ICBO test has been completed and show that they have current liability insurance.  Licenses may be obtained through the City Clerk’s Office, 815 Jefferson, Ellis, KS. 

The City of Ellis also has licenses that include but are not limited to specific things such as concrete, small repair, fencing, excavation, masonry, and  restoration, to name a few, which do not require test scores.   

 The building inspector shall have the following duties:
(a)    To enforce all regulations relating to construction, alteration, repair, removal and demolition of building and structures;
(b)    May permit, with the approval of the governing body, on the basis of duly authenticated reports from recognized sources, the use of new materials or modes of construction, not provided for in this article, and may, for the purpose of carrying out the intent of this article adopt an accepted standard of material or workmanlike practices of federal or state bureaus, national, technical organizations or fire underwriters;
(c)    To examine all buildings in the process of erection, construction, alteration or relocation in the city for the purpose of determining whether the work is in compliance with the permit given and in compliance with the regulations of the city pertaining to such work, including zoning regulations; and;
(d)    To keep comprehensive records of applications, of permits or certificates issued, of inspections made, of reports rendered, and of notices or orders issued.  All such records shall be open to public inspection during stated office hours, but shall not be removed from the office of the building official without his or her written consent.
(Code 1990)

4-207.        SAME; POWERS.  The building inspector shall have the following powers:
(a)    To enter any building or structure or premises at any reasonable hour, whether complete or in the process of erection, to perform the duties contained in this chapter;
(b)    To adopt and enforce all such prudent emergency measures as he or she may deem necessary and expedient for the public safety under the laws of the city;
(c)    May cause any work done in violation of this chapter to be discontinued until he or she shall have satisfactory evidence that the work will be done in accordance with the building regulations of the city, subject to the right of any builder or owner to appeal to the governing body.
(Code 1990)

4-208.        SAME; RIGHT OF ENTRY.  The building inspector, or his or her agent, upon proper identification, shall have authority to enter any building, structure or premises at any reasonable hour to perform his or her duties as set out in this chapter

Building/Electrical/Plumbing/Mechanical Permits are based on cost of improvement
Less than $5,000  $       10.00
$5,001-$75,000  $       20.00
Over $75,000  $       30.00
New Residential or Commercial Inspection Fees  $     250.00
All other inspections, each  $       10.00
Sidewalk Permit  $       10.00