Walter P. Chrysler
Boyhood Home and Museum
102 W. 10th St.
P.O. Box 229
Ellis, KS 67637
785 726-3636


Founder of the Chrysler Corporation

Walter Chrysler's youth began 1878 in Ellis. When he was 17, he was hired as a sweeper and eventually became a machinist's apprentice.

It was during this period of his youth that he forged and tempered steel to make his own tools, that are referred to as the "tools that money couldn't buy."

Chrysler said he never forgot Ellis. The training he received in the railroad shops was the basis of the mechanical ability that brought him success. He felt he owed Ellis and its people a great deal for the wonderful youth they had given him. The people of Ellis did not forget him which is evident in the most meaningful memorial of all, the preservation of his boyhood home.

The museum, located behind the home, is filled with many personal items that belonged to Chrysler. The shot gun he used duck hunting, jewelry, books, and photographs are just some of the personal artifacts on display. On exhibit is a 1924 Chrysler owned by Chrysler's great grandson, Frank Rhodes.

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